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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a vacancy?
  • In order to apply to a vacancy, you must:
    1. Register,
    2. Complete the Personal History Profile(PHP),
    3. Go to the vacancy list,
    4. Select the vacancy of interest,
    5. Submit your application for the vacancy selected.
How do I register?
  • Click on "Register as a User". You will be asked to enter information, including Email address, User Name, Password and Password Hint. Be sure to remember your User Name and Password. You need this information to login in the future and to complete the Personal History Profile (PHP) so that you can apply for a vacancy. If you currently work, or have previously worked, for a United Nations Organization or Agency, you will be asked additional questions, which may give you preference for a vacancy.
  • After you have successfully registered, your User Account will be created and your "My UN" page will be displayed.
What if I forget my Password?
  • On the Login page, click on "Forgot your Password". Your Password Hint will be emailed to the email address you provided, when you registered. Choose a Password Hint that will let you recall your Password.
Can I update my User Account after I have registered?
  • Yes. Click on "View/Edit User Account" in your "My UN" page.
What is "My UN" page?
  • "My UN" page is a page that is displayed once you have registered or logged in. This is a personal identification page where you can View/Edit your Personal History Profile (PHP) and View/Edit your User Account
Do I need to register or login to view vacancy?
  • No. You can just click on Vacancies to view them.
Do I need to apply for a particular vacancy?
  • Yes. You need to submit your Personal History Profile (PHP) for a particular vacancy to ensure that your candidacy be evaluated against the post in which you are interested.
For how many vacancies can I apply?
  • It is up to each candidate to review the responsibilities, competencies and qualifications required for a particular vacancy, before making a decision to apply for an advertised post. Hasty decision to apply for a vacancy, for which you are clearly not qualified, might reflect on your credibility.
Can I submit a general application?
  • No. We do not consider general applications. Only applications for advertised vacancies are evaluated.
What is a Personal History Profile (PHP)?
  • A Personal History Profile (PHP) is a special online resume, consisting of questions about you. It includes General information, Address, Relations, Education, Employment, Languages and References Page. It is used to evaluate your suitability for a vacancy, as well as for administrative purposes in case you are selected to work with the UN.
How do I create or complete my Personal History Profile (PHP)?
  • After you register or login, your “My UN” page will be displayed. Click on “Edit/View Personal History Profile”. The General information page will then be displayed. Answer all the required questions, those marked with an asterisk (*), from the General information, Address, Relations, Education, Employment, Languages and References pages.
Is my Personal History Profile (PHP) information kept confidential?
  • Yes. Private information provided to the United Nations on this site will not be shared with any outside organization without the user's express permission and will not be used for any commercial purpose.
How do I get to the General Information page?
  • When you click on "Edit/View Personal History Profile" from your "My UN" page, the General Information page will be displayed. Click on the Tab corresponding to the page you want to edit.
Do I have to answer all the Personal History Profile (PHP) questions in one session?
  • No. You can save the information you entered and return at a later time to finish your Personal History Profile (PHP) by logging in, using your User Name and Password, which you created when you registered. Remember to save every 15 minutes or you will be logged-out and lose the inputted information.
Do I have to fill out a new Personal History Profile (PHP), if I wish to apply for another vacancy?
  • No. Your Personal History Profile (PHP) is saved. Once it is completed, you can use it to apply for another vacancy.
Can I update my Personal History Profile (PHP) to apply for a new vacancy?
  • Yes. Whenever you apply for a vacancy, a snapshot of your current Personal History Profile (PHP) is attached to that vacancy. If you update your current Personal History Profile (PHP), the new Updated Profile will be attached to the next vacancy for which you apply.
I cannot apply on-line. What is the problem?
  • There may be several reasons. Please check the following:
    • Did you complete all the required fields marked with an asterix (*)?
    • Did you save each page before proceeding to another? Once you save a page, information on the page will be saved even if you lose the Internet connection. You can start again from where you left off.
    • Do you have the appropriate browser setting? Please note that the following browser versions are required:
      • Netscape 6.0 (or higher)
      • Internet Explorer 5.5 with Service pack 2
      • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

    If you still cannot apply online, please download the Personal History Form (Click here to download the form) in the Word format and submit it to the appropriate e-mail address or fax number indicated in the paragraph 4 under “How to apply” on the Vacancy Announcement. This is, however, not a recommended procedure as it slows down the selection process.
My mother tongue is not listed, what should I do?
  • Since we cannot list all the languages in the world, we would recommend that you use the Personal History Profile (PHP) form as best as you can, indicating perhaps a language you know best, other than your mother tongue.
What should I do if I cannot find my field of work?
  • If you do not find the exact answer to question #13 of the General Information page, “What is your preferred field of work?”, you can indicate “professional, managerial & technical specialists for which no job family exists”, and explain your field of activity in more detail under the “Employment” page.
I cannot provide the complete information pertaining to my employment history (under employment). Can the space in that field be increased?
  • No. The space allotted to each position occupied should be fully adequate (over 20 lines per field). Applicants are encouraged to list their duties and achievements in a clear and concise manner.
How do I know of I possess the right skills for applying to a post in the General Service category?
  • Candidates interested in obtaining a position in the General Service category, such as secretarial and clerical positions, Word processing, accounting and statistical positions must have successfully passed the required relevant test(s) before they may be considered for recruitment. A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Those who are successful in the test are considered for available vacancies. Please note that success in the test(s) does not guarantee an offer of employment, it only ensures consideration as vacancies arise. Recruitment of General Service posts is on local basis, that is, from the duty station in which the particular office is located. The appointment is limited to the duty station indicated on the vacancy announcement. For additional information concerning recruitment in New York, write to General Service Staffing Section, Room DC1-0200, United Nations, New York, NY 10017 or visit the office on Wednesdays between 10 :00 and noon to make an appointment. You could also send an email to
Who are the “candidates who have passed a competitive examination”?
What are the steps in the recruitment process? How can I know the status of my application?
  • Candidates who apply on-line will receive an automatic reply stating the following: [This is an automatic email from the United Nations, Office of Human Resources Management confirming your application for the following vacancy..]. Only candidates who are seriously being considered for a post are contacted for an interview. Interviewed candidates will normally be advised of the outcome of the selection process after a period of about four weeks. At all times, candidates may view the status of the vacancies they have applied for by clicking on « Application history » in their « My UN » account.
Do I have to pay an application, processing, interviewing or training fee?
  • NO. The United Nations does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing, training or any other fees).   The United Nations does not concern itself with information on bank accounts. .

For general inquiries or technical support on applying online please contact us at Please describe in detail the problem you encountered as well as what you were trying to do. The more information you can provide the better we can assist you.